Problem Definition
We meet with clients to discuss the challenges they face and the best approaches to take to address them quickly and efficiently.

Technical Audit
Out development team audits the current technology platforms being used, so that integrations or migrations are seamlessly built into the custom solutions provided.

Product Development Plan
Armed with the knowledge of the client’s situation, including the tools they use and the challenges faced, we separate the goal into many smaller standalone tasks for the team. Then, we

Solution Recommendation
We present our proposal about how to best address the situation. At this stage we request feedback and incorporate any changes the client may have.

Architecture Planning
Prior to beginning development, the team defines the architectural structure of the solution to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure the most efficient processes and modules are incorporated.

Sprint, Demo, Sprint, Demo …
The development team operates in two week increments where specific tasks are performed that allow actionable results after short periods. With the culmination of each two week sprint, the team provides a demo of their work.

Backlog Grooming
After performing a number of sprints, the team revisits the ‘to-do list’ to incorporate any new uncovered knowledge and potentially add additional tasks.

Final Client Demo
Lastly, the client receives a presentation and demonstration of the final product.