NeuConnect, is a mobile feedback platform that helps the public communicate with agencies to resolve issues. App users become the eyes and ears of the agency, providing feedback from their mobile devices. In turn, the agency leverages new operational technologies to aggregate, share, and process information.


chat (3) Public Feedback Channel
Provide the public a new avenue to offer feedback to the agency. Mitigate risks by learning about incidents sooner, addressing them before they spiral into harder to control issues.

placeholder (3) Find locations
Present users with an interactive map that graphically displays the where they can find locations easily , and offer directions through their phone’s mapping service.

magnifying-glass (2) Search
List all relevant locations for the public to view in a user friendly interface.

clipboard (2) View Information
Show each location’s information: address, contact numbers, website, permit status, any incurred violation details

stopwatch (2) See Statuses
Users can see the status of their complaint, and receive alerts when the status makes progress.

notebook (3) Include Additional Materials
Access a manual or guidebook for the agency from within the application

Business Process Management

scheme Workflow Integration
Configure the system to route feedback by content, geography, or other factors. Easily find records with a keyword search.

preview Content Management
Add, edit, and delete data from files, and share them across the agency. Delegate or assign cases to other staff members with the click of a button.

shield Security
Maintain a secure environment with SSAE 16 SOC II Compliance.

analysis Reporting & Analytics
Provide coworkers and superiors actionable intelligence with key metrics.

database Integration
Share data with 3rd parties. Store files in compliance with record retention regulations

NeuConnect Benefits
The many features of NeuConnect platform present a number of benefits to their users. Agencies see benefits in operations, efficiency, and public engagement.

database (1) Platform Security
With a broad range of experience across multiple government agencies, Neubus is SSAE 16 SOC 2 compliant. The NeuConnect platform behind a secure fire wall, encrypting all data while it is at rest or in transit.

organization Streamlined Operations
Move through workflows without interruption in one platform, eliminating the need to aggregate unstructured data from multiple sources.

presentation Workflow Customization
Each team can maintain the processes that they have in place by configuring the platform to route, escalate, duplicate, or archive cases.

cycle Cycle Time Improvement
Receive, process and respond to feedback more quickly with customized workflows and seamless technology integration.

medal Quality Improvement
Maintain consistent data integrity across the agency, following pre-determined work flows and processes configured for your operation.

efficiency Increased Productivity
Automate administrative tasks to allow employees to focus on high-level tasks rather than administrative issues.

savings Reduce Costs
Spend less time on administrative tasks, use less paper, and free up office real estate used by printers and servers.

clock Reallocate Time
Having all communications aggregated into one system saves employees time searching, entering, or transferring information.

growth Scale Programs
Review quantitative metrics to present senior leadership with opportunities where programs can be scaled.

libra Reduce Liability
Case activity can be tracked so your division knows the status of all feedback submissions, for informing management or the public.

team Citizen Engagement
A closed loop system enables employees to reach citizens in a personalized manner quickly, and address their concerns.