The NeuDocs platform consists of multiple workflow management and office productivity modules used to streamline operations, reduce costs and increase engagement.


laptop  NeuDocs WorkQueue
Manage customized workflows by editing the status of case files. Share, copy, transfer, and edit case properties, and escalate them to senior management if necessary.

search NeuDocs KeySearch
Search all stored records by any input field used to define or categorize the case. Oftentimes users search by data, case number, title, geography, and stakeholder; however, these fields are customized per client.

search-engine NeuDocs FullText Search
Similar to KeySearch, where users can query their case files, FullText search adds additional capability enabling them to search the contents of the stored files which have been extracted using optical character recognition (OCR).


copy-machine Scanning
Scan a document with your desk scanner through your browser, just as you would upload a file or add an image to a form.

organization (1) Administration
Grant variable access to users by hierarchy or user profile, permitting executives, employees, and public users to view or modify what their clearance allows.

browser Profiles
Partition documents by department or team to ensure that coworkers only see documents related to their role.

cloud-computing (1) Secure File Storage
House files in a secure cloud, accessible only to those with authorized credentials, a configured profile, and appropriate administrative permissions.

file Document Editing
Rearrange, add, delete pages to PDFs once they have been uploaded.

mail Watchlist
Receive email alerts when someone adds information to a file or folder.