As our clients launch the products and services we build them, we assist in all aspects of marketing support. To ensure a successful launch, our team works hand in hand with our clients, aligning priorities, expectations and goals. Whether the end result is an integration of a current initiative, or a new one entirely, NeuOne provides the capabilities necessary to educate and engage end users.

Market Research
We aggregate data to determine the trends and actionable intelligence for clients to add value to product development and launch processes.

Market Analysis
NeuOne can help clients develop SWOT analysis documents to mitigate risk, assist in discovery, and determine the best recommended plans of action.

Launch Planning
Once goals and priorities are set, NeuOne’s marketing team builds a project management plan to either stand alone, or supplement the client’s forecasts.

Content Creation
Our team is also well versed in developing content to assist clients in promoting the launches and upgrades. Content can range from social media, videos, and infographics, to brochures, flyers, press releases, and others.