The vBox platform provides a secure and safe way to screen, route, share, and add files to private, hybrid, or public servers. Remove the need to approve access or provide sensitive access credentials to outside individuals.


Client Dashboard
Users are able to view all of their files and interface with the system through their web browser. Through the dashboard owners can assign files, scan documents, and view statuses.

vBox integrates with iOs and Android mobile devices so documents can be scanned via mobile devices. Because the vBox user interface is access in a web browser, users can use it on a PC or a Mac.

In-App Secure Messaging
From within the application users can send secure messages to others that are logged in, to ensure alignment

Single Sign On
Using a hub and spoke structure with airScan™ mobile as opposed to a point to point structure, SSO allows multiple agency resources to leverage the application.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption
All data between the web browser and the server are encrypted so that any information passed between the two entities stays private.

Secure AES 256 bit Encryption
Adopted by the US Government, AES is used worldwide and included in the ISO/IEC 18033-3 standard.

Application Programming Interface (API)
With the vBoxAPI, other back-office applications and workflows can access and incorporate the files into workflows.